SkyVision Capital Partners with Sienna Network

SkyVision Capital
4 min readMay 4, 2021

SkyVision Capital has strategically partnered with privacy-first DeFi platform Sienna Network. Built on the Secret Network, Sienna is the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts. The Sienna Network was founded with a strong vision to introduce a new interconnected DeFi protocol which will allow for private lending, borrowing, and trading.

What is Sienna Network?

In the world that we live in, data has become a key asset for people and companies. Data is useful for various purposes and can even lead to inventions and progress. However, there is a strict line of distinction between publicly accessible data and private data. The user’s data should always belong to themselves and never be a property of others. Sienna is on a mission to protect user’s privacy. Not only does the platform protect the user’s privacy, it will also not have access to the user’s information. The team at Sienna is building a privacy preserving blockchain in a user-friendly way that allows the user’s data to be kept safe and private!

Why Sienna Network?

As the world’s first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts, Sienna is looking to completely disrupt the ecosystem. With the help of Sienna, the playing fields for retail investors and institutional investors can finally be leveled. Retail investors can enjoy the same trades that institutional investors are participating in. The trades will have much more fairness as front running will be eliminated. Moreover, the network is private by default making it impossible to exploit positions! The platform also has instant transactions and low fees. Built on the highly scalable Secret Network, the transactions will be confirmed in a matter of seconds and cost a fraction of Ethereum’s fees. This means that all types of investors will be able to participate in the ecosystem without needing to worry about exorbitant fees. Above all, applications that are built on Secret can also utilize encrypted data without needing to reveal it to anyone. Last but certainly not least, Sienna also has its own swapping service known as Sienna Swap which allows users to exchange without any delays!

A Connection to All Other Blockchains!

Currently, Sienna Network supports the Ethereum chain. In the future, it will also support Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Monero, and Cosmos! The Secret Network is also built on Cosmos. This means that once Cosmos blockchains upgrade to IBC, there will be a native interoperability between the chains. The interoperability of the Sienna Network will allow users to further leverage the chains available!

We’ll be hosting an AMA with the team to get an insider’s perspective on this exciting project! Stay tuned!

About Sienna Network

Sienna is aiming to become the de facto standard for privacy-first DeFi across various blockchains mainly targeting Ethereum, followed by other blockchains such as Polkadot, Cosmos, and other chains in the near future.

The team at Sienna strongly believes that privacy has never been more important than ever. There’s been countless riots against Wall Street and centralized censorship, hungering for privacy as a fundamental human right. This is what Sienna hopes to disrupt!

Sienna is a privacy-first decentralized finance protocol that will enable trustless financial instruments including trading and lending with complete privacy for multiple blockchain ecosystems.

About SkyVision Capital

SkyVision Capital (SVC) was founded with the mission to promote new, open decentralized technology and its development. We provide advisory services and a strong ecosystem to overcome barriers allowing clients to succeed.

Our team is composed of experienced senior lawyers, financial analysts, entrepreneurs and strategists. We have deep technical knowledge, strong business experience, and legal acumen in blockchain. We are consultants to our partners and assist them with scaling their startups by jumpstarting their vision, accelerating their fundraising and providing them with go-to market strategies.

​We are your LAUNCH PAD and NAVIGATOR in the uncharted LEGAL territory of blockchain and decentralization. We do the due diligence and take care of the details, so you can focus on what you do best; disrupting the future.



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