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4 min readJun 25, 2021

SkyVision Capital has strategically partnered with decentralized and democratic fundraising platform, MoonEdge. MoonEdge is the first decentralized launch pad that is fully dedicated towards projects that are launching on Polygon (previously Matic). MoonEdge is trustworthy, transparent, fair, and last but not least, supportive. The platform allows for transparent communication with the community while also having a fair-tiered system that guarantees allocations for every member of the MoonEdge community Moreover, the platform also has complete project reviews of pre-IDO projects on MoonEdge and various other supportive tools to ensure the user’s needs are met.

What is MoonEdge?

MoonEdge is a platform that hopes to solve a problem that is faced by several users today. Ethereum Network is one of the first and most popular platforms that crypto users have first adopted to. However, the platform has extraordinarily high gas fees and extremely slow transaction speeds. Users that utilize Ethereum always seek a cheaper and much faster solution. This is where the Polygon Network comes in, a much faster and cheaper platform with decentralization. MoonEdge leverages this advantage of Polygon Network and utilizes it for inexpensive IDO participation and exciting Polygon Network project opportunities!

The MoonEdge Token:

MoonEdge has its own utility token. The main functions of the token will be IDO participation, governance and staking. As for IDO participation, the token has a guaranteed allocation for all tiers based on the Fair-tiered system. Users who hold the token longer will also be able to benefit from tier upgrades. For governance & staking, the users will be able to vote on protocols and be updated on MoonEdge’s future protocols. The last function of the MoonEdge token is the staking rewards. Users will be able to stake the token to receive rewards. There will be more details released in the future regarding staking.


Why MoonEdge?

MoonEdge is a platform that fully leverages the Polygon Network for inexpensive IDO participation as well as various Polygon Network opportunities. The platform empowers the community through offering equal guaranteed opportunities and allocations, regardless of portfolio sizes. Moreover, the platform also conducts a complete project due diligence that ensures only top-tier projects being brought onto the community. This will reduce the chances of scams and rug-pulls. The experienced MoonEdge team also helps provide value-added services that will help projects reach their full potential. With MoonEdge, the projects will also benefit from a much wider community and adoption opportunities. The MoonEdge community will be able to benefit from exciting Polygon Network project opportunities unavailable to other communities!

2021 Roadmap:

Learn more about MoonEdge!

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About MoonEdge:

MoonEdge is the first decentralized launchpad fully dedicated to IDO on Polygon (previously Matic). The mission is to bring a safe and fair fundraising platform to Polygon.

Polygon (previously Matic) is on its way to be widely adopted by the crypto community in the coming weeks. New projects planning to launch on Polygon will need a way to raise liquidity. Investors will soon ask for a guaranteed legitimacy of these new projects. We offer safety and equal opportunity for everyone.

In order to reach this goal, MoonEdge is creating a fair system that allows investors with any capital size to have a guaranteed allocation in every IDO. No exceptions.

There will also be no unfair mechanics, such as a lottery, that advantages bots. We believe that a fair launchpad platform is key to greater project adoption.

About SkyVision Capital:

SkyVision Capital (SVC) was founded with the mission to promote new, open decentralised technology and its development. We provide advisory services and a strong ecosystem to overcome barriers allowing clients to succeed.

Our team is composed of experienced senior lawyers, financial analysts, entrepreneurs and strategists. We have deep technical knowledge, strong business experience, and legal acumen in blockchain. We are consultants to our partners and assist them with scaling their startups by jumpstarting their vision, accelerating their fundraising and providing them with go-to market strategies. ​

We are your LAUNCH PAD and NAVIGATOR in the uncharted LEGAL territory of blockchain and decentralisation. We do the due diligence and take care of the details, so you can focus on what you do best; disrupting the future.



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